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Luca-s - Now available through Stitch Witch Collection Australia..

Luca-S is a Moldovan Company specialized in the production of embroidery kits, founded by Anatol and Marina Luca in 1992. Stand the test of time we have not stopped developing and perfecting ourselves.

​Today, we offer to the embroidery enthusiasts the most varied assortment of needleworks of different complexity, containing "Anchor" yarns and various types of fabrics produced by the company "Zweigart". 14, 16, 18 count Aida, 20 ct. Belana, 25 ct. Lugana, 3.5 ct. Turkestan, 14 ct. Palisade, 25 ct. Fein Floba etc.

​Cross stitch kits have a special fabric count, the count lines are easily removed after washing.

​Luca-S offers its customers a wide range of additional products with a distinct embroidery design:

  • Petit Point/Needlepoint kits

  • Pillowcase Cross Stitch kit – pillowcases kits for cross stitch embroidery.

The embroidery is made of uniform canvas Belana, Fein-Floba & Lugana. We have also pillowcase on Turkestan canvas and baby pillowcase on Palisade canvas.

In the each kit there is back side of the pillowcase, the zip, Anchor thread or acrylic yarns, the chart and a needle.

Stitch Witch Collection will be building our stock with more of Luca-s stunning designs. If you cannot find your design, please let us know and we will be certain to add to our next order..